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Promote the spirit of artisans and promote quality improvement - Zhejiang Tongli 2019 Quality Month Event Launch Conference

The day before yesterday, our Zhejiang Tongli Heavy Gear Co., Ltd. launched the 20th Annual and KONE Sixth Quality Month Event Launching Conference with the theme of “Promoting the spirit of artisans and promoting quality improvement”, aiming to promote the craftsman spirit through this quality month event. Promote the standardization and rigor of the whole process of process, production process and inspection. At the same time, the technical department puts forward the quality monthly quality research project to promote technological improvement and innovation, and improve the overall production efficiency and product quality of the company.

In the report, Yang Kejun first made a quality report work. In the report, Yang Kejun summarized the product quality status of this year and in recent years, and analyzed the current problems and made some suggestions through various angles and aspects, causing all the key employees in the production. Highly valued. Then, the technical department He Wei reported on the key tasks of this quality month, and listed the deadlines to stimulate employees to participate, as the main driving force for technological improvement and innovation. At the same time, the conference also interspersed with the mobilization call for the company to build a clean and private enterprise, and called on all employees to continue to work diligently to build a clean and effective effort.


The conference grandly awarded a number of excellent individuals who work diligently, dare to take responsibility, and outstanding achievements in the 2019 "Chief Employees" title; awarded a group of excellent individuals who work hard, highly valued product quality, and meticulously completed the work. 2019 "Quality Models" "The title is issued and the certificate is issued. The conference solemnly commended Comrade Chen Wanbo, who was awarded the title of "China's heavy machinery industry craftsman" by the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association. Only 20 of the country won the honor.


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